20 People Helping Cool the Planet by 2050

As the world races to rein in carbon emissions by the globally agreed climate change tipping point of 2050, many in government are helping curb fossil fuel use by more than their fair share. Who are these dedicated individuals driving critical change? Below are individuals from regions across the globe

2050: Diego Mesa – The Creative Financier

What is your job?  Minister of Energy and Mines, Colombia. I am responsible for the design and implementation of Colombia’s energy, petroleum, and mining policy. This includes managing an annual budget of $1.5 billion and 800 professional and technical staff. I also chair the Board of Directors of the Energy

2050: Marcelo Ramos – The Broker-Dealer

What is your job?  Federal congressman representing the state of Amazonas. How are you helping cool the planet through your work?  I recently presented a bill to Brazil's Congress to formalize regulation of Brazil’s voluntary cap-and-trade carbon market. It would operate through a framework that obliges large companies to comply.

2050: Andrea Meza – The Conductor

  What is your job? Until recently, I was the Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica, overseeing public policies regarding the environment, nature conservation, climate change, energy, sustainable development, waters, and oceans. I was also charged with formulating action plans, public policies, and other regulatory instruments to manage


“I don’t think we’ve yet cracked the question of how do we, as an individual leader in public service, contribute to that purpose.”



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