2050: R. Krishna Mohan – The Roof Cooler

What is your job?  Chief Resilience Officer, Chennai, since July 2017. I lead The Chennai Resilience Office and the development of the city’s Resilience Strategy, which we launched in June 2019. Day-to-day, I facilitate collaboration between stakeholder groups, fundraise, and create the right conditions for implementing the Resilience Strategy’s key

2050: Arron Wood – The Renewables Weaver

What is your job?  Director of External Affairs at The Clean Energy Council. It is, quite possibly, the best job in the world. I lead national policy and advocacy to accelerate the renewable energy transition in Australia, and oversee a team of top renewable energy policy experts across the wind,

2050: Le Vu Hoang Trang – The Paper Slayer

What is your job?  I am the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Official in Da Nang City, Vietnam. My main responsibilities are coordinating international cooperation projects and guiding climate change policymaking. As such, I facilitate communication between project funders, implementers, and the beneficiary (the city), and help oversee the implementation

2050: Verania Andria – The Solar Weaver 

What is your job?  Senior Advisor for Sustainable Energy, UNDP Indonesia. I supervise our energy portfolio. I also advise management on new initiatives and help mobilize resources to support Indonesia's clean energy and climate agenda, and develop and share new programs and policies with stakeholders. Our energy projects which comprise


“I don’t think we’ve yet cracked the question of how do we, as an individual leader in public service, contribute to that purpose.”



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