Driving Change: Shaping Tomorrow, Today.

GEN-ZiNE, which was founded on the basis of designing media for social change and making activism accessible and digestible for regular young people, and Driving Change, which looks to inspire a commitment to public service, have joined together to highlight 16 individuals who are redefining public service through innovative, inspiring,

Community Building for the Great Good

An Interview with Deja Foxx & GenZ Girl Gang, United States Deja Foxx is a reproductive rights activist, political strategist, first Influencer and Surrogate Strategist on U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris' presidential campaign The GenZ Girl Gang is an inclusive community of womxn and femmes lifting each other up. GEN-ZiNE: Hello,

Searching for a Spark

Cecilia Pou, Student at University of Southern California pursuing International Relations, United States  A few weeks after being accepted to the University of Southern California, I sat at my kitchen table scouring a brochure outlining all of the prospective majors — everything ranging from Anthropology to Chemical Engineering. My older sister,

What Defines Good Foreign Policy? Don’t ask Henry Kissinger

Tajwar Khandaker, Recent Graduate with a BA in International Relations USC, Foreign Policy, International Affairs, United States Five years ago, I made the unfortunate mistake of entering college as a biology major. After a year and a half of sleepless study nights and failed chemistry exams, I switched course and


“I don’t think we’ve yet cracked the question of how do we, as an individual leader in public service, contribute to that purpose.”



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