While Global Leaders Take the Stage, It’s The Voices from Communities That Are Loudest

Heads of State took the headlines on Tuesday, September 21 as Presidents Biden and Bolsonaro kicked off the General Assembly debate, with many others following them. 


Yet, the central theme of the day was inclusivity and aligning investments with the needs on the ground, often by letting those on the ground direct the investment. Even in the General Assembly, Secretary General Gutteres talked about the need for voices from the next generation as he announced the creation of a UN Youth Office. 


Kat Friedrich reported on key Climate Week events during which there was an emphasis on aligning investment with nature and looking at what kinds of metrics are truly indicating that investments are having the desired results. The discussions looked at the examples of soy farmers and coastal mangroves to illustrate the challenges on the ground. 


The cry for more just, inclusive, and equitable policies in health, climate, and wellbeing across the globe came through loudly in Carolyn Whelan’s reporting. The events she highlights focused on Africa, the impact of both climate change and COVID-19, and the need to include community voices in the conversation about solutions. 


Souwie Buis ended the day by reporting on the EU/UN commitment to champion the rights of women in Afghanistan. Recent events have prompted the EU and the UN to partner so they can help with the delivery of humanitarian aid and to help evacuate Afghans in danger, particularly women.

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