UN Week Kicks Off with New Urgency

As UN Week begins, conferences around the globe sounded an urgent call to reverse the global regression that has accompanied the current pandemic. Focusing on the needs of the developing world and the global climate, the Concordia Summit, Brookings Global, and Climate Week took on different aspects of the challenge as they encouraged public, private, and social sectors to work together. 


Yesterday’s Brookings Global discussion put the focus squarely on how the EU’s Green New Deal and its recent trade agreement with Africa may or may not be compatible. Souwie Buis reports on the various ways these may work together or create competing needs. 


As Kat Friedrich reports, on the first day of the Concordia Annual Summit the topics were vaccines, digital divides, and how government and private industry can work together to address the global climate crisis. 


Carolyn Whelan highlights the conversations among U.S. mayors and governors from the Breakthrough Climate Policies discussion on the first day of Climate Week, among several events starting this important side event. These events, along with U.S. Special Presidential Envoy John Kerry’s talk at the Concordia Summit, talked about commitments and alliances, some of them new, designed to combat climate change and to improve the situation of the world’s most vulnerable people.

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