Finally, COP26 reaches an agreement, but it’s still a COP out.

COP26 is finally over, albeit a little later than planned. It ended with an agreement: the Glasgow Climate Pact! Does it do enough for the climate? No… but it’s a step in the right direction. Alaina Wood has more about where things ended. 



Was this all of the news from COP? No. In week one, 40 countries signed on to phase out coal, though the four largest coal-consuming countries did not sign. The debate about whether the conference is truly inclusive continued throughout the two weeks with protests and meetings that tried to push countries to avoid greenwashing and commit to making a real difference

Here’s Alaina’s report on week one:



We look forward to seeing the updates plans from individual countries about how to reach their climate goals. What will COP27 in Egypt bring? 

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