Science, Policy Making & The Pandemic. Q&A With William Haseltine

William HaseltineScience, Policy Making & The Pandemic. Q&A With William Haseltine

During the pandemic, WilliamHaseltine has been a trusted guide for many people to the intricacies of Covid-19 science and the public policy response. This contribution has included writing an invaluable book of advice for parents of younger children, “A COVID Back To School Guide”.

A pioneering academic scientist, serial biotech entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of the NGO, ACCESS Health International, he recently published an autobiography, “My Lifelong Fight Against Disease.” This begins with a fascinating, slightly risqué, story from the 1980s about how he successfully teamed up with Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor to get politicians in Washington, DC to make the fight against HIV/Aids a public policy priority.

Driving Change began by asking about how to reverse the recently growing public skepticism about science.

Driving Change

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Science, Policymaking And The Pandemic. Q&A With William Haseltine

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