Helping Young Africans Find Jobs

At Catalyst 2030’s recent Catalysing Change conference, Driving Change’s Matthew Bishop spoke with Reeta Roy, president & CEO of the Mastercard Foundation, about their new Young Africa Works strategy and why the foundation has relocated its operations to Kigali, Rwanda. 

Their goal — to spur job opportunities for 30 million young men and women across Africa by 2030– is an ambitious one. In this discussion, Roy explains how they decided on this strategy and how they are putting it into practice. 

Rachel Dobbs’ article in Driving Change, Creating Jobs for Africa’s Youth, talks about the employment challenges facing young people in South Africa as a result of the current pandemic and how the Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator is working to help them. 

For Harambee and Mastercard Foundation’s Young Africa Works strategy, breaking down structural barriers is a daunting yet necessary task to securing jobs for young Africans. Watch Matthew Bishop and Reeta Roy’s full conversation below.

Driving Change

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