Courtney Fung is #DrivingChangeinGov

An Environmental Quality Analyst with the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), Courtney Fung works on hazardous waste sites to clean them up so they are usable or at least so they present less of an exposure risk to people near them.

How did she come to do this work? What does she actually do? How did she find this job? Are there lots of young people doing this work?

Courtney’s story is part of our new video series, #DrivingChangeinGov, in which young changemakers like Courtney talk about their government service and answer questions so many have.

How do you land a role in government? What kinds of jobs are available? Can you really make change in the environment, health, education, safety, and equality by working for the government?

So come on a journey with us to look at what government service is really like.



Shiva Mohammadi

Shiva is the creative director and head of multimedia at Driving Change. She has produced campaigns for global brands such as Refinery29, Facebook, and MTV. She conceptualizes and executes strategic design plans in alignment of brand consistency, influencing thinking across various departments. Her leadership extends beyond copy and design spearheading and executing Gen Z-focused campaigns, utilizing cutting-edge storytelling techniques that resonate with the social media-savvy generation. Fluent in English, Farsi and German, Shiva brings both artistic prowess and strategic acumen to the table. She holds degrees in International Business Law and Fashion Design. Currently based in Brooklyn, she views the world as a canvas filled with history and resilient stories she aims to tell in different media. After all, it’s stories that bind us all together.

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