Driving Change: Shaping Tomorrow, Today.

GEN-ZiNE, which was founded on the basis of designing media for social change and making activism accessible and digestible for regular young people, and Driving Change, which looks to inspire a commitment to public service, have joined together to highlight 16 individuals who are redefining public service through innovative, inspiring, and actionable initiatives.

Some are driving change traditionally by working in government, some are creating novel non-profit organizations and leading community organizing efforts, and others are branching into modern day social innovation. They are political leaders, diplomats, social movement leaders, grassroots organizers, and social innovators from all corners of the world.

From Myanmar, to Luxembourg, El Salvador, Afghanistan, and more, these individuals are shaping tomorrow, today. From them, we learn that cultivating change from a local to even international level is indeed possible. We hope you are as inspired as we are. 

Driving Change

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